Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

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Everyone have place in Atys i would answer to you.
The game start to be old, and not very welcoming, the mentality did change in this era and 2019 with all the new games, steam, the thousands free to play game you can try that are even better than this.

People expect something, they expected a certains guidance.
They want to go into the action of the game directly, and learn by themselv because its rewarding, they are tired of the work day and want to have fun directly, not read novels.

And Silan fail to provide this, you are open minded enough to understand this i think.
This is what Jellona try to explain in very big about Silan.

You will see, for Ryzom to survive in a long term once again (or reborn? since its quite dead already), Silan will need to be reworked out, at least the tutorial.

It is not a matter of been smart or reading langage etc, its just not catchy enough (a 150 lines pop up) for the common players base, and attract/hook new clients.
It need to be modernized, designed in a way it is more accessible.

Like 2 lines in around channel can fix a few things by example.
We can imagine a guidance tutorial with players interaction (like Runescape) instead of a pop-up with 100 lines of text writted with tiny fonts size.


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