Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

Translation of Mermaidia post, because it is very important.
It is the voice of numerous clients of this game.

If there are so many PR players, it may be because, I don't know... 90% of them left after the merger that just destroyed their gaming pleasure...

Without falling into the endless "it was better before", we have to admit some facts.

There have been some attempts to return for some: 1 month resub, just because Ryzom took us by the gut one day and we always end up coming back, but until when?
Now these attempts to return are being made without resub....

So yes we are happy to see the friends again but the story is not moving forward, the RP calendar is empty from empty and it's a pity for an MMORPG.

For example: a few nights ago, I was asked about who does what among the Fyros, senators, NPCs, etc.
Forced to dig up posts on X forums to try to review everything (and it was laborious and I don't have all the answers).

And now I come back to a post about the investigation into the death of Senator Abycus where we were told that the events would resume in January, then got reported to February... 2018 !
Today, March 6, 2019, we are still at the same point...
(Lykos had said he was taking over the business personally. Mermaidia would like to give him a chance, by respect for the memory of the last senator, but now she is more and more desperate about his inefficiency).

Disappointment after disappointment, even the most hooked ones move away by spacing their connections time....

Ryzom could be so much more alive if we could restart the RP machine and not just between friends around a fire or in a bar,
if we could resume events on a larger scale and train other players in this direction.
The RP is not innate, it is discovered and developed.

2 lines please, just to show this facet of this game that has caught our attention so much, and why not make other players come back to us.



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