totally agree on last Placio and Kyriann posts+ there are as much interpretation of what a spoileris (or not) than there homins in Ryzom.

I think it is true that differences cause misunderstandings and disputes, but they are life: the possibility of change, of evolution. Think the same thing all together - what I call "Pensée de groupe" or "groupthink" - for me is death.

Some of us can have in real life disabilities (very poor bandwith, old PC, chronic tendonitis or osteoarthritis...).
Ryzom is one of the only worlds available to all budgets, even the lowest, and it is open source - you can feel the "open" background of the project, there's many creatives homins, devs and geeks here...

I think Atys is probably very unique on that point. And I love that D

True it can be tiring to have bugs but what a richness of life it is. The new Gingo server is a really good news, for all of us.

There's even stuffs who are NOT bugs, but many young homins think it's a bug LOL I love it that way, after a while, getting older on Atys.What I see NOW is a hudge work done - see for ex the hudge khaganat work at https://khaganat.net/

A last thing. In real life, I have participated in many political and artistic groups. Therefore, I am well aware of all the biases of groups that operate without hierarchy.

I have here a trick : I repeat to myself "ok they fight, loose time and energy, etc.... but I feel like...

they fight on details, that on most of ideas, I feel we all agree".


(I precise it's not ironic, I really mean the following : )

Therefore I want to thanks you. Thanks you, even the Trolls, because I think we are all "the stupid troll" of an some other homin  :p

Thanks you, to show us how much you all love Atys  :p


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