Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

Let's remove the warning when you are looknig to speak in uni for the first time... it's very confusing.

I actually agree with this. Or at least change it. I remember being super scared to speak in uni chat for a long time because of the warning when I was new to the game.

+1 (Same "scare" experience for me). +10 Specially for those who can't speak in English, and/or has "quite poor" english as I do.

And, at that time, I found on wiki many, many outdate informations (ceb, support channel... I tried to update some, but there's lot of outdated stuffs. AND acronyms make comprehension difficult)

LOL I was even scared to modify some wiki pages, after written a post on the forum, as I had been "shot" there... :p


I found (elsewhere) a post saying the chat wiki pages are very different in FR and EN (I created a "special commands" for very recently).

I used to work in shifted schedules (evening/morning/night weeks, on 7/7d and 24/24h in a little team, for 8h or 12h long) this 10 past years, therefore I know that yes, we all "play a different game". Specially getting old, too much "double clics" are really painfull  :p

Nice idea to fix a short text, checked by a translation team, about the different channels, as Revvy suggested here. And yes, I am very often shocked by some RP or occ sentences at 1st glance ; it's true that RP can be learned and fun.


For ex, I would like to say that I don't understand the Heernis 1st post's DeepL translation - DeepL "translate" for ex "under fame 25" in "under 25 years old" ! DeepL can be worth than GooTrad LOL.

An other ex: the French term "Ranger" seems to have a different meaning that for most of the English speakers. It can moove from US army to Scouting, with detour to the field guard (I remember I understood it that way first, related to the nature conservation. In a way, I still act as it would be LOL).----+1 on last Mermedia post :p


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