Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

[EDIT] Removed because answering to deleted comments.
For instance, right now the Around Tab displays a message whenever you log in. What is it? Many (most?) of us don't know because we use Around channel from the User Tab so we never see it.
Once again, the original suggestion in Revvy's topic was not aimed at fixing the already broken relations between veteran players.
It was meant to educate the newcomers. If you choose to be a player who uses the User-tab for chat purposes, you have still checked the other tabs at least once.
And that's when you see the little info.

I don't want to see Around restricted in any manner. That's my take on it. Informational statements are not a problem (unless I get them *every time* I hit /s , in which case it would be annoying).
It would be nice to have an educational warning message in the around channel at the connection for all game customers.
Have you read the original suggestion? For some reason multiple opposing comments have included this statement which simply tells that the original post was not read through.

[EDIT] Removed because answering to deleted comments.


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