Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

[EDIT] Removed because answering to a moderated comment.
Lastly, I don't exactly encourage differences so much as simply acknowledge them, try to respect everyone's right to individuality, and seek compromise even if that means stripping one side of privilege for the sake of equity. I want us all to get along as players even if our characters are in conflict, but that requires all sides to give a little. what you have written on this thread, please. Then read again what you wrote right here.
Maybe you don't do it on purpose but I see zero seeking for compromise and lots of personal conflict [EDIT] Part of the sentence moderated.
Post this same idea with a more neutral approach and maybe the message would come through in the way you wanted.
This suggestion was posted as a whim and it seems rather illogical that you see it anyhow comparable with this.

I also invite you to compare the views of Roleplay part of forum and for example this one.
[EDIT] Unuseful personal comment.


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