Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

@Neira - For largely the same reason I feel Revvy's 2-line idea is not a real solution.

This hardly provided any further information (comparable to the opening post of this thread).
I'm not going to work my way through the pages of this thread where one might be able to find additional information as to what your point of view may or may not be just because the opening post failed to make an argument on its own.

Additional channels will just separate the already small community more.
Segregation as by your idea stands against a marginal amount of decency if we're following @Revvy's proposal.

You're either supporting segregation or believe people are too illiterate and wilfully disruptive to have the tact adjusting their posting manners in an appropriate way.
Take your pick.

Hmm don't remember which topic is was (since we been hopping between a few) but someone said they liked the idea of a link to a RP explanation/guide that would tell someone talking in OOC to move 20m away when there were people RPing in around, which is by itself segregation. Therefor separate channels would make valid sense.

Not related to the above quote:
An analogy, 3 countries.
Ryzom is Russia, RP is England, OOC is China.
While visiting Russia as a tourist, RP want OOC to learn English while in Russia so they can speak English undisturbed/unharassed by OOC speaking Mandarin.
Which could be swapped around, Teach RP to speak OOC. (i can feel the outrage)

I'm fine with a message like i said before but more neutral like:
"This channel is heard by those 'Around' you, be mindful of each others style of play and be respectful"
"This link will show you various examples of how communication is used in Ryzom"
The link would then go to a page describing regular respectful behavior, event examples, rp examples, various ingame terms (OP, Rite, TP, Dig, etc etc)

Will it be displayed every login, like Gmotd? or rather in a warning window like Uni? Additionally have a position in tutorial.


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