Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

I’m really misunderstanding now…
Someone is proposing to prevent, and now another one is proposing to isolate RP player. Why? Does RP to much noticeable? Does to many means are used for RP development, interaction and event?
Seriously, I’m asking if it a true proposal or just a joke… The separate RP server idea made by Dukenono is as credible…
Let’s talk about all that arguments:
- “RP player want to monopolize the around channel for RP only then there aren’t any convention for that.” No, RP player just want to add two poor line for prevent that around channel MAYBE use for RP interaction.
- "How it seems to me is that there is a very vocal contingent who feels that anyone who uses the Around channel for not-RP is "doing it wrong", and there is a misconception that somehow RPers are more privileged/entitled than non-RP "peons".” As you’ve said, this concern a noisy minority. Thanks to don’t make amalgam.
- “RP player are a minority, why make so much efforts for them?” NO SHIT Sherlock! 90% of RP player have quit the game next to the merge, because all of their fun have been destroy!

Finally, as this thread seem to be a sophism party, I’ll conclude my post by a argumentum ad personam to you Gidget: As well you’ve said, you’re playing at unconventional hours, so your point of view is probably bad, why would we listen you…?


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