Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

@Revvy - Once again, I feel that 2 lines, no matter how well-intended, is insufficient.  [EDIT] Non-constructive comment.

Your lollipop analogy amuses me; lets roll with it. From my perspective, there have been so many people grabbing my lollipop for years while shoving their lollipop in my mouth and telling me to stop touching their lollipop.

Oh, and I do play a role. I am the one who does what others will not, whether it be clearing a path down the ramp in Great Outback wearing nothing but skivvies and a grin so that squishies may continue their trek to Zora, or pointing at the elephant in the room and saying, "Isn't it time we talked about this?". I am the one who gets people to think, whether it be educating the young or shaking the old from their hidebound complacency. I am not any of the traditional archetypes and don't fit into a conventional mold though, so I can see why you don't understand the role I play.

Lastly, I don't exactly encourage differences so much as simply acknowledge them, try to respect everyone's right to individuality, and seek compromise even if that means stripping one side of privilege for the sake of equity. I want us all to get along as players even if our characters are in conflict, but that requires all sides to give a little.

@Sinvaders - Maybe that was a poor choice of phrasing, but I've seen a minority think they are a landslide majority simply because they're obnoxiously loud often enough to feel the need to remind folks that there's more to demographics than merely how much you scream.

@Neira - For largely the same reason I feel Revvy's 2-line idea is not a real solution.

@Mithian - We actually agree more than I have time to elaborate on right now. I spent so much time on Revvy that I'll have to get back to you after work.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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