Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?


That's the point, i'm not RPing rn since.... Forum isn't RP ( Except dedicated part of it... ) so, your argument is quite.. unlucky :P

And... Don't try to say something like " Yeah, if i don't RP, that's because of RPers behavior. " You don't RP because you don't like to or just because that's not the way you want to play. And that's the same for at least 90% of the non RP players.

Maybe some rejected RP because they had bad experience of it, but most just don't care.

Maybe with an explanation of different kind of RP and habits... Some would maybe understand it and like to learn it, but, that's on an another topic.

It's interesting that you apparently know what thoughts I had around 5 years ago. Back when I was completely new to the game, I was willing to dabble in RP but the role players I encountered were so awful that it made me go "okay yeah no thanks".

I've never done RP in an MMO before. But I'm an avid D&D player so I'm no stranger to the concept. I'd be up for dipping my toes into Ryzom RP to see if I like it. But, despite the fact that you refuse to believe it (again, apparently you can read my thoughts need glasses), I am once again turned off by the condescending, patronising attitude of the role players I have run into. I'm not saying the entire RP community is like that (I'm sure most of them are lovely people) but the attitude of some is more than enough to make me steer clear and keep my roleplaying to D&D.



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