Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

How complicated you guys are really... :)

Adding 2 lines in a channel at the connection and this is the tragedy of the century, I am really disappointed to see the communities so juvenile.

You remind me of childrens fighting over a lollipop when there's a full pack right next to it, because "it's mine!"....

But I understand better why Ryzom hasn't progressed for a long time, if all the ideas, however simple they may be, drag on in debate for months to reach something completely different at the end ^^

If it would have been added without your notice, you would have thought it was a great idea.
Please no lies, be real.

The goal was also to get the new player to hear the word Roleplay, to have familiarity with it from the very beginning, certainly not to be obliged to do so.
As a result, in addition to having the benefit of officially preventing and informing, there could have been vocations created, and desires.
So possibly a new breath for Ryzom, through education, not obligation.

Looking for a Roleplay tag in an obscure game configuration, and we move away from the basic idea for our young players (and old.. it seem..).

Gidget, Your behavior is very worrying, especially regarding your obsession with my forum posts.
Not to mention your non-neutral voting choices, as well as your twists and turns on all my subjects, it is a flagrant example of this reality.

And I hope people will have the decency to realize it.

[EDIT] Non-constructive comment.

Now I let you all discuss this subject, which has become so complicated, moving away from the idea that you have decided to bury yourself.

Where the goal is no longer to simply help, prevent and inform, in order to live better together... but to isolate, and mark the players as different.

This is your world Gidget, not mine, and I leave it to you with pleasure.

Many players play a role in the game through extremism, and therefore are detestable as a choice.
But you... You don't play a role, and I have to admit it scares me.

The ideas you convey are extremist and encourage the difference, IRL this time... its not a role.

(I would therefore not vote, since the proposed choices are clearly not neutral, and are oriented towards your own person, which is quite disappointing).

Thank you.


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