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Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

@Jellona, really good points with emotes and separation of community, that we need the least. I kinda liked the idea of RP channel, but this changed my mind completely.

There is ofc other channels for "not separating the community", but often as OOC healer even for just one your only good choice is around channel because /tell's disapears often when you change action bar and Region would be "flooding public chats".
Why can't people just use () when they want to talk in around ooc AND there are others players around making RP? Nothing to add, no work for dev who can work on things much more important, just to teach and advertise.
It does flood the one chat to have many discussions, even with () it makes it bit harder to follow, imo. Also "why should I have to type () around everything I say", eventho I already do this with new Homins to give room to RP'ers. Still not expecting it from others =D
I don't know how good of an idea this is but a Roleplay tag that causes the tagged player's text in the Around channel a different color could also be a thing, maybe? We could use a Roleplay tag anyway.

Now this is something that would really solve something, amazing idea! Tag up your roleplay icon and have fancy color on your text, enter the story mode! =D

@Mithian, you provoker lol, also one could say that the other way around too ;)


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