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Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

I don't think that person A saying something OOC prevents person B from RPing, unless they are specifically harassing that person which is a seperate issue. For example if I ask Gidg, "hey what type of car do you drive?" she can say the make and model or say I have no idea what you are talking about you drink too much Plac.... And if person C is also a RP'er and overhears the conversation they can say/think those people have a funny way of talking... That is roleplaying- not demanding that the game mechanics are changed so people can only speak a certain way. You could even encourage or point someone in the right direction.

off-topic but need to be said:

So if you come across someone asking something OOC you will respond in RP, and keep talking RP untill that person joins you in RP.

so basically:
PersonA needs to convert or read a RP manual to cater to your needs or f-off.
and not:
PersonB can answer the question or explain like an adult that he doesn't talk about Rl related stuff ingame

How dare PersonA try to get to know me and form a bond a friendship over possible mutual interests.

Related On-topic:
RP: we don't want to be bothered by people asking Rl stuff in the mids of our RP, BUT we do want all our jibber jabber to be on full display to non-RP people.

very one way street stuff.

Sorry but the more i read the more negative view i get of RP. We should all calm down and think of a solution that will resolve issues from BOTH sides, not only 1.


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