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Should we have a separate Roleplay channel?

To Gidget:

Lets imagine we have a separate RP-channel as you suggested. I log in this game for the first time and start my journey on Atys.
I finally end up in the same area with some roleplaying folks who use emotes (that still work in around as I guess you'd still want to see your waves there).
They don't seem to communicate as they are talking on the separate roleplaying channel that I have no idea of.
I just see the emotes and silent homins walking around or standing doing nothing.

Lets note that I have never tried roleplay before so I don't even realize it exists here.

How will I learn to know that such form of playing exists?
How do I learn to understand that the seemingly afking players are actually having lots of fun that I might greatly enjoy if tried?
How would this separate roleplaying channel save me from confusion when I bump into homins from my own faction and I don't seem to understand their way of playing the faction play?
How would this separation of the "so tight and helpful and nice community" be beneficial for us in any, I mean any way?

If you don't understand something the most primal instinct is fear -> hate.
So let's fix it by spreading information, not hiding it even more.
I'm sorry you had to experience so many issues with roleplay but I don't think those past bad experiences should be carried to the new generations and brought up over and over again.
That is not the Ryzom the new players want to learn to know.

That is actually the most valid disagreement I have seen on any issue in a long time, and also exactly the sort of constructive criticism I am looking for! Thank you for finding a flaw in my proposal and making a merit-based argument against it!

But if a separate RP channel wouldn't work, and there are serious enough doubts about the effectiveness of Revvy's proposal to doubt that that is the answer, then what's the answer? We still need to find a solution though. Maybe flip it around and have an OOC channel? Or, as was proposed elsewhere, have an RP flag that alters your text to make it easy to differentiate RP from OOC in Around?


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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