How ban people using Megacorp?

If that status runs too low, the Kami will kill the offending homin with a strike of lightning. This will result in a timed ban from Rocket Chat and in-game public chats. The offending player will incur a full death penalty and receive a courtesy note of explanation from the Kami who killed them.

Good deeds by the offender and compassion, if deserved, from fellow homins should be allowed to alter the offender's Kami status. Up or down-voting by other users of individual comments could be one way of doing this. Down voting comments by players would reduce Kami status while up-voting would increase it. Think of this as care planning for chat. Yet, even without the participation of other homins the Kami will be watching and acting as necessary and with vigilance.

The initial programming logic could be based upon number of characters typed within a given time. Up and down-voting by other players could be added to that logic.

Some good ideas, but a lot of stuffs in here (citation) would make me very uncomfortable (as it makes me think to some witch hunt)... What about the shy people (who don't speak very often)? or about outcasts, minorities?

Imagine (for ex) that a troll, who jokes a lot (and with many very crude jokes, for ex), gain lot of votes... Some adults would like him, some would hate him - would be fair to ban him for 2 kids, coming between 4 and 5 pm ? :p

Reading chat and forum, I fund many aggression or even meanness (even if I know that, most of time, it's just clumsiness from some 12 years old boys). I am not sure such votes could be constructive on Atys (with a very strong Kami faction).
This will result in a timed ban from Rocket Chat and in-game public chats.
For me, that must be only in the hands of CSR.

But I agree that Universe has too much flood - most of it is in English, therefore I know lot of French who never read it). Maybe we should better add a more clean "help chat", with no flood, for all factions and languages.
And please stop saying "ask in region" when we know in Silan, most of the time, there's nobody who can answer Grrrr LOL


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