How ban people using Megacorp?

Thanks Jahuu for the information on Rocket Chat :p

But I was talking about the (PHP I think) code related to the In Game chat, who generate what we see when In Game (not on an external chat - note that when I wrote the 1st message, 3 years ago, it was NOT Rocket but
Therefore your post is not answering (at all) to my 1st post (not related to rocket at all) but it is interesting, giving newbies some information :p.

And, hum... I was quite upset, reading
Open chat with the person, go to user info, block user. Click again to unblock.
(even when I was a kid, I knew that...) By the way, I loOooove such answer, ussually from people who don't really read. Such answer makes me feel very stupid, ashamed, thinking "I won't write anymore on this forum and/or on Uni D

As it seems Jahuu did not understand what I was trying to explain (in my pour english), more than 3 years ago... trying a better explanation: I would like that if I block In Game for ex HominA (therefore, when HominA talk IG, I won't see anymore anything from HominA in the IG Chat, at least in the USER channel)
then, even if HominA use an external chat I won't see his sentences in the In Game chat :
* or we could add ~HominA in the In Game Ignore list
* or filter messages in such a flow:
Rocket Chat sentences -> In Game chat -> user channel parameters + In Game ignore list --the filter works here--> display filtered messages in the USER channel (In Game)

* Hiding in RC someone -> rocket related
* IG ignore list syncronized with RC ignore list -> wahou ! what a nice idea !
But what I would like seems to me "more easy" to implement (if homin really try to understand me)


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