Around Channel Demystified (C?)

Whether you are an old or new player, the nuance of Roleplay between cultures on Ryzom is a subject that has been object of much debate..

The new players, released on Silan, often do not understand what makes Ryzom different from a normal MMO.
We regularly have the case of players who are confronted for the first time with Roleplay in around channel
not knowing how to respond, not knowing how to interpret the actions or words of other players, the interaction becomes weak, even catastrophic.

Not being aware of the rules that some roleplay players maintain in chat channels.
Some players may take Roleplay as personal, or even not understand whats happen, which can often cause discomfort.
And this is all the more true since the merge of servers, where different Roleplay cultures (or non-roleplay) must coexist together
(this topic will please Gidget, because I said the word "merge", he will love it <3).

Roleplay players on all sides often do not take the time to explain their actions, embed in their role to play, and live their game experience to the fullest,
while players who do not know the basics or simply do not roleplay, remains in total confusion between the mix of around channel, universe or region, and the tells.

This post aims to inform and prevent in order to avoid any bad IRL reaction and enrich the RPG part of MMORPG.

The idea:
It would be nice to have an educational warning message in the around channel at the connection for all game customers.

[18:24:29] Welcome to Ryzom!
[18:24:29] This channel is used by some players for Roleplay interactions only.
[18:24:29] Roleplay rules can be found <link>here</link>.

The link will open a post on the forum explaining what Roleplay is and how to use the around channel..
How to act or react, usage and codes (like (comment) type), and how to make emotes etc

However, the rules of behaviour and the Code of Conduct are to be applied even in the around channel,
Especially in a case where you have to interact with a player -> character you don't know much about.

As a result, players who play a MMORPG are aware, from the beginning of what is RP in the game.
They are informed, and therefore will not be surprised, or even take things personally in the case of a Roleplay interaction.
Interaction that can be positive in the best case, or "negative" (faction play, or other more extreme roleplay history-based such as drugs, conspiracies, politics or murder).

Most players do not read the 150-line windows that pop up on their screen as soon as they arrive on Silan,
and just want to play the game as it is, a simple 2 lines message in around, can avoid a lot of confusion later on, and even create vocations!

Important here too, the information system is not to be taken into account.
The around channel (being itself the main subject) is the most concrete, knowing that system info is very rarely watched by the newcomers,
and the discovery of the system info may come way much later in the game (and never for some).

Constructive comments and trolls are welcome, a vote is also available.
You are also encouraged to tell us how you were personally confronted with your first Roleplay interaction on Ryzom if you like.

(Yeah.. the last sentence is like AA meeting.. i admit it :P)


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