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Change to PvP tag

I have been thining about the red tag and I must remind you about one problem that happens again and again during (mass) events. Some restless homins bring red tag into the league. Once I heal such homin I get the red tag as well (by accident for example). Even for now it means I have to sit and wait for 10 minutes doing nothing before I can join the event again. If you rise the timeout for red tag to 12 or 24 hours, it means end of my participation on the event because I will not be able to do actions as expected (due red tag limits).

This is mainly why we are talking about tag and not flag here.
Jahuu idea still balance it good in my opinion, it doesn't give a malus to player clicking on a button, and it give a malus to player attacking other players.

Normal behavior for PvP tag, if you do PvP flag, then 10mn to unflag + xx hours PvP tagged.
When the xx hours is done, normal behavior for PvP tag take place again.

People wanting to try PvP, like on Silan, can go in Arena and enjoy their time, while player wanting to PvP in the wild and with Roleplay (faction war?), need to assume their choice and action in time.


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