Lacuna's Song

[OOC This is a tale told by an unreliable narrator, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing]

She puts more eyota wood onto the dying campfire.  As sparks back into life and the the flames rise again, she picks up her cup and contemplates its contents.  As the song starts to fill her head…

She rode out of Zora to avoid letting anyone catch sight of her using her zun crystal, especially, now that it glows purple.  She wonders if this recent change portents.   She waited until she was out of sight of the Karavan teleporter before activating it to take her to the Savage Dunes.  She hates the desert but this must been done.  
    She ambushes and kills a lone digger, taking his mektoub and supplies so to make the journey to Thesos across the Kipucka Plain less arduous.  
    Thesos had been home once, just before she joined GoS.  She had spent weeks digging just outside Thesos before moving to the Flaming Forest.  She had bought an apartment here, and kept it until she turned marauder.  Too lazy to move her belongings to Zora, she all but abandoned the apartment.  She wonders who took possession of it, and what they made of her discarded odds and ends.  Did the try and work out what these discarded objects signified of their former owner?  She scouted the settlement out for a few nights, but there was no sign of her sisters.  She kept to the shadows and avoided the Fyros patriots; religious fanatics, little better than the Matis in their delusions and abasement before a ‘higher’ power.  Lacuna feels nothing but contempt for them.  When it became obvious nothing was to be learned of her sisters, she moved on.
    She’s not sure why she travelled to the border between Oflovak’s Oasis and the Imperial Dunes at Fourways.  It was here she first met Eruv and Rowwena, not long after leaving Silan, when the desert, never mind Atys, was still very much an unknown .  She and Rowwena quickly became friends even though they were so different.  Rowena wanting so badly to be a warrior and while Lacuna just wanted to explore and learn the weather and ecology of the land - to dig.  They trained together and ran missions to raise their fame with the Kami: killing bandits in the Imperial Dunes and Oflovak’s Oasis.   It is was her friendship with Rowenna that influenced her to accept the invitation to join GoS.  Her sisters are not here, nor is there any answer to the strangeness of the camp, so she travels further into the Oasis, to Clopper Hill.


Lacuna sits and wonders if she is dreaming.  There is a large metallic-blue clopper sitting on the top of the hill, surrounded by smaller normal cloppers.  It is not this that makes her doubt her senses, though she is curious as to what this creature is.  It is the half-dozen homins from The Soul running around like headless yubos, pursued by extremely irate cloppers.  She recognises Lee and Agan as being amongst  the most enthusiastic of them.  They are all laughing and taking turns to run up the hill, and then irritate as many cloppers as they can before running back to the water’s edge.  Where they then try as kill as many as possible before seeking the safety of the water, and starting the whole process over again.  So that there is constant stream of homins and cloppers running up and down the hill.  She calls out, asking what they are doing.  Lee laughingly explains that they are trying to kill Clopperketh, which she takes is the large blue clopper on top of the hill.  She is not sure that their strategy is in anyway effective, but they are certainly enjoying themselves.  She finds if hard not to be caught up in the communal mirth.


    She sits at the top of the dune at the Kami teleporter in Oflovak’s Oasis and the memories of training here with Catalonia and Rowwena plays across her mind.  Though her obsession with digging would mean that Rowwena’s martial skills would soon outstrip her own.  It is quiet here now, with only a few homins digging.  But she remembers that just after she arrived from Silan that this oasis was crowded with packers and homins.  A hive of activity, with homins feverishly digging or training their martial prowess on cloppers.  It was on these the very dunes that her journey to understand the relationship between weather and material extraction began.  
    In the last few months before mastering her desert dig she would travel down to the Flaming Forest from the teleporter here. It was at the border between the oasis and forest that she met Fyrosfreddy for the first time.  She wonders still at the truth behind the banter between Freddy and Binarabi.  Were they really once married, and what is the truth behind Binarabi’s formidable aunties? Later, she would come close to joining the Fluffy Bunnies, but then she lost track of the time in the Roots, and when she came back she had changed.  She was harder, more cynical.  Atys had moved on and so had she.
    After she gained her desert master, she spent months exploring Scorched Corridor to map all the excellent foraging sites.  She remembers the frustration and eventual triumph of trying to dig excellent grade Zun amber.  Later she would proudly show Heta around, pointing out all the dig spots and explaining what season and time they could be extracted.
    Finally, she visited Aen, the Desert Blade, who patiently reminds Lacuna that Melkiar is long dead, and Akilia Ash Storm now rules.  Promise me, Lacuna, that you will remember this, and, please, no spreading tales about lumpers again!  You need to be taken seriously!  The news you carry has many potential ramifications for the clans and you cannot afford to alienate Akilia, nor to be laughed out of camp.  Lacuna tries to make this sink in, but her head hurts, focussing on one thing is hard for her.   The sadness takes her and she misses her sisters.  She had been sure the Black Varinx still lived.  Aen has not seen her sisters, nor has she had word of them for years.  She did see Marikka a few years back when she brought warning of another raid by Chanchey.  Chanchey is a thorn in the side of the marauders, leading rampaging bands of rangers, Kami and Karavan cultists, and unaligned misfits against the marauder leaders in the New Lands.  Something needs to done about this avatar of evil.  They discuss a possible solution, a series of assassinations against the high officers of the Free Soul, culminating in making Chanchey a living example of what happens to those who defy the clans - a testament to their power writ large on his body.  By the time they finish their discussion Melkiar lives again in Lacuna’s mind.  She has made up her mind to leave on the morning.

[OOC: In the interest of fairness, a link to the blatant lies that is Marceline’s side of the story to entry 5]

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