Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

@Tryroamer If I have understood you correctly, you would plead for the reintroduction of the status "neutral" as it has been before. As a Neutral, you cannot intervene in the combat. I think the reason this has been changed is that this function has been abused or used on the battlefield for spying when multiple outpost battles have been staggered. So first the outpost that had the least resistance was attacked and then the player switched. When I think of Red Cross, I see paramedics healing wounded ones. This only makes sense in outpost combat if healing is explicitly forbidden there and only neutrals are allowed.

But why not? Make it more difficult! The goal is to kill the NPCs right? Why not give only Neutral players in combat permission to heal other players, no matter if friend or enemy? That would make a big difference. Which one would still have to be seen... But I think in the end it will be that every war will be won 100% because the NPCs won't be healed and the Neutrals can't be attacked. Would rather frustrate...

I think it's good that the neutral status is omitted in outpost combat. No Red Cross should be involved in combat. But one possibility would be interesting: If you are not involved in the combat, so not tagged, it would be good if killed players can be healed by untagged ONLY at the resurrection point or at an altar. Something like paramedics outside the combat area. If possible, please correct me.

I'd say two things about the new patch:

1) Scaling UI
Nice work! Great for the beginning! Hope the icons on the action bar and those in the inventory will be adjusted later. They still look very muddy with higher scaling ;-)

2.) Guild Islands
Very good for the beginning! Hope more objects will be added, or even the possibility to write your own missions! Also an own guild market would not be wrong.
When placing objects, however, I encountered a hurdle: I can't duplicate objects that I have adjusted in size and shape. If that is possible, it would be a real simplification.


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