Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

@Bitttymacod no offense meant, but i do believe that my intention has been misunderstood ... I meant what i wrote, 'writ of Right of Passage' for transitting the area of the battle without getting directly targeted for one, due to being officially acknowledged as a non-combatant 'in transit' on thru the battle area to get to the other side ... not to do digging or what have you instead.

Also in real life there are such internationally recognized agreements made between nations all the time, which is also one aspect of the Red Cross being able to function as such, the same goes for the Red Half Moon of Islamic nations.

The Right of Passage as i envision it would entail no digging possible, nor participation in the OP battle. (that only would be needed were healing of combatants by non-combatants had been also intended by the devs, which is quite apparently not the case.)
Furthermore, only the transit if into at first then however back on out of the area to get to the pre-announced goal would be possible the transitting toon as long as the battle was on but also once begun until the land had been exited. ie truly only for transit. Any entering to dig or for whatever reason to stay on would be explicitly not allowed via the 'Right of Passage' having been granted.

Perhaps I should have written from the beginning 'Right of Transit' meaning on thru and on out of the area, with no other purpose allowed. By the way, you would not happen to have heard of such an arrangement having been made between the West and East German governments during the Cold War = Iron Curtan era? Exactly that arrangement i have had in mind for the OP battle areas. With the pre-announcement of such intent on the part of the transitting toon being required if at first they be outside of the battle area and wishing to 'get to the other side' and only in the event of their already being in the area when the OP battle begins then as an option to be used to get out of the way being then an option in additon to 'choosing a side'.

Surely that would not entail then any undue easing of access to mats etc as you seem to be fearing would be entailed?
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