complete new horizon "fixes"

+1 revvy. some missions, reward is way too low for effort , hence they arent used
captain mission is garbage

overseer 200q mission is epic, so why not do it? people do it more than NH believe me :)

NH has a high reward for effort, just some annoyance(granted you need 100 fame to do well but...)

buffing other missions makes sense. i won't care if they "balance" nh as long as it's not a massive nerf (which I am guessing would be the case)

+1 G, i do NH for points, not dappers

- Bitty - given the current situation with burning down NH over and over again just to get those sweet sap crystals, i would appreciate being carried from 1 NH agent to another NH agent , directly in front of them, so I can keep running the poor toub around and wear down the system so i can get my sap crystals

yes, this is totally selfish but this is what we do with the system right now

edit to bittty:you can no longer do FH to FH to FH (same taget wont work) so FH/Zora/Yrk over and over again wont work. we need to do something like FH to crystabell to FH (etc) it's a small thing but it's a small thing that would make me happy


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