complete new horizon "fixes"

We have missions from nations, guards chief etc, never used.

Would personally prefer to see players doing missions and dappers quests.
That are never ever played because of the amount of dappers NH provide easily without doing anything in a daily basis

People did work to do these missions, and some are quite okish, just they do not paid as much currently, so really i wonder..

That is why, reducing the amount of dappers could be a nice solution, even for new comers.
It can force players to open their range of "activities" to gain money etc

Problem also is missions do not pay much, its a big joke.
First time it did hit me was the mektoub mission for PvP points in Desert, you basically trek your whole toub in all zones, to get 800 pvp points.
That i can get in 2kills in 3mn..

If you transpose this example, its same with dappers.


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