complete new horizon "fixes"

1. Reduce the amounts of Dappers earned because actually it is ridiculous
2. Reduce drastically the supply/demand system or remove it completly

For 2, mainly because this system is made for 10k player bases, and we are like 200 on the server.

1) How it is ridiculous is level-dependent. If you are at a level where Overseer missions pay out 20K or less then NH pays ridiculously well; enough so that a lot of low-level homins don't bother with other mission. But a lot of us are at the other end of the spectrum where the time and effort of occupations is comparable to missions that pay more per hour than NH pays all day, and we're simply doing occupations for points.

We could reduce the amount of dappers by a factor of 10 and still be okay. It might get folk to look for other mission-givers, like the pair of Apprentice Overseers out in Windy Head (FH) who helped me earn my first million; having folks explore and experience additional content is a good thing! And it won't affect my income any since it's pretty easy for anyone like myself with masters in at least one dig Dig and at least one Armor Craft to earn far more than NH would dream of paying.

2) There is a lot less NH traffic than anticipated. I think most of the NH trips taken these days are for folks to run down NH's supplies so that folks can earn their daily (race) points.


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