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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

[Edit] Post deleted because out of topic.
Please only add your own wishes for Ryzom in this topic, not commenting the wishes nor comments of the other players. Thank you.

I think as Arc stated earlier, what I would most like to see is more dynamic "Boss" mob fights. Even something simple. Plant boss, attack with someting it resists and now it will spawn two more minions that make the boss unatackable until they are dealt with....Mess up on an NPC boss and his minions might form a Sparta shield wall so you can't attack him/her either. I don't know what is capable with current engine but I think things like this may be possible?
As far as sups being rare, we could cut them down but I think many guilds have so many as it is now. Maybe make bosses drop fewer mats but they could spawn more frequently so there is always something for "hunters" to do. Even if only 5 - 10 mats dropped per boss I could still boss hunt all day because it's fun to me.....SN...same thing make less mats. or change that all together. just add another season where Sups pop and get rid of SN.
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