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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

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And this would be great fun too!

Remettre les tag's de Roleplay à l'ancienne.
Autoriser l’accès au canal de faction qu'aux personnes activant le flag "roleplay faction", oui comme à l’époque.

Ce qui veut tout simplement dire, tu choisi un camp guerrier, tu le vit et t'assume.

Yes, if you choose a warrior faction, it should have a consequence.
Otherwise you stay away from the heat, and stay neutral (or out of the kitchen).

You choose a warrior faction, get the upside of it (mats, easy leveling, help and support, ..); but also the down side (its in war.. you are not safe).
Like @Moniq said a few time already... People tend to want easy thing for free, and without effort... yes.. it kill the game.

So all karavan's or kami's or mara's, get the tag roleplay ON or no faction channel available.

Its simple and would revive the server and roleplay for sure.
People would learn ethic, to handle their own rules and trust their handmade stories and faction, and lot of actions can also happen.

A minority will cry a few months, we will see only them so we will think the whole server do not like it.
Which will be wrong.

Unfortunately we notice too much the few people who cry, and it doesn't mean it is a majority.

Life will continue again like nothing happened, and Ryzom will return to something that make sense.

So in big, what I(we?) want for this year on Ryzom, is the game to have the balls to do important turn for once.
And not back up each years from its original (and loved) design.


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