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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

Puisqu'on en est à rêver (et râler)....
Je voudrais que les event HRP n'existe plus. Avec un peu d'imagination, il est possible de rendre ces event HRP plus RP. Exemple: au lieu d'un roi sapin et d'une attaque de yubo, pourquoi pas un roi kitin et une attaque de kitin? Au lieu de mettre des citrouilles géantes qui se déplacent dans le désert, pourquoi ne pas mettre quelque chose qui puissent se rattacher à la lore?
Le problème des event HRP, c'est que ça vous sort du jeu. Déjà que le RP est pour ainsi dire mort, si en plus quand vous vous connectez, vous avez des sapins qui clignotent et des attaques de yubo, désolé, mais on sort complètement de l'immersion.
ça doit pourtant pas être insurmontable de faire en sorte que tous les event soient rattachés à la lore non? Au moins un minimum, qu'on puisse y croire et s'impliquer.

+1 Also.
I would like to see all Holiday stuff eliminated or minimized at least. Seems more emphasis is put in that than developing or putting more content into the game.

Other things I would like to see is:
A More defined endgame. I know this is a sandbox game, but there is so many avenues this game takes, and can take even farther. Right now it is; "craft the best stuff you can and see if you can beat the other guy in PvP/Op fights. Or, Kitin fights" essentially.
I think it would be neat to have more unilateral goals, or missions, (And Make Them Hard). I proposed more sage missions for Masters as one idea. Perhaps a dungeon or two, or develop the Kitins Lair more? A really cool idea would be to have video games in the Bar in Pyr that takes you into another type of game perhaps, (Imagine Frogger, but useing baby kinchers instead? Or maybe something more complex). Or, maybe let us earn badges that let us have privelages, (Yubo Points can be the basis?). Or, unilateral missions that earn us the privelage of going into another, new world to explore, or maybe conquer, etc.

Also: Laoviel thought about Dailies, +1!
Maybe if you wanted to increase your Apartment or bag storage, you have to do something each day to increase it, like earn more dappers to pay for it, or stretch your bag by digging mission mats and filling it with something each day. Plus, you can feed berries to your meks for more storage... just ideas.

Also +1 to Acruieds & Bones thoughts about randomness in boss fights :D

Oh, and 1 more:
I love when randomness happens out of the blue. When a CSR or GM or someone behind the scenes makes certain things come alive like a person or mektoub even. Then you have to figure out the puzzle why they are there saying or doing something.
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