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A modest proposal

I agree. I still can't understand why SN were placed where they were, I guess that is the only logical reason it is a pvp zone. Yes low level sups could introduce newere players to the idea of pvp regions but this makes no sense if other PR areas with access to q250 sups are not PvP areas.
I also agree with the KP idea. Current KP routes can be learned with little effort. Why not make this random to bring back the challenge of digging? I don't see this as making Ryzom harder rather it teaches homins to not be so complacent. But ryzom is hard.....remember when games had no ability to save....nope...you probably don't and probably think I'm being an elitist by agreeing with this post. That's fine with me. Instead of wasting time complaining or hating people that do appreciate a challenge doing "end game" (meaning you are a skilled player doing the hardest possible content) learn to adapt, learn to look and listen to the world around you and use this time to better yourself as a player.
I'm done crying Lac, thank you for this post, it has given me new thought into playing again.
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