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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

+1 arc on the merchant storage
i'd play again if I had fewer slots with unlimited time
+1 for more dynamic events but eh :)

Just more "pick up and play" would be great
You log in and think, what do you wanna do... lets.. dig. that comes redily. You can just get your pick and go.

If I had mob tracking, some sort of hunting skill, just something you can run around and feel like doing, it would be nice

players make their fun, they make their hunts and group events but the game mechanics could and should support more of this. there should be more things to do, so we can do more things together. having to invent your own fun over, and over again... well you can only do it for 10 years right?

I'm not for "dailies" i feel like every other game and it's mother has generic dailies. if it's something more "atys like" I'll support it

also, this is game , people play games to have fun. we should be able to have fun, and still follow "rp" stipulations. it shouldn't all be more pain more gain.
I quite enjoy the difficult things, the "feel good" from a world trek at level 50. but that's not all there is.

some of us want to gamble
some of us want to sell things
some of us want to run around

analyse the different types of people in atys, what they like, and give each group something to do, to enjoy. If bones and arc and jahuu have fun with dynamic events, great, i'll give it support. I don't like the  gambling but I know many do so, yay for them, im glad they have it. 

Just because I want some gen mats doesnt make me evil, there are worse things ive done :)


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