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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

Heck ya! I like the idea of waves increasing in strength. Could even mix up a spawn of kidnak or something else randomly to make the fight more interesting and less complacent. Let's say a party member accidentally casts and acid spell or something similar on a kitin.....this could trigger a spawn of two drones, be it kipee or kizoar, doesn't matter. Just something more dynamic with consiquences rather than a straight up pass or fail. You could make it so mobs have to die in a certain order or they reset, again, making the combinations random so that over time you can learn the patterns but at the same time multiple random patterns so homin are not mindlessly mashing keys. Maybe certain Lt or corporal mobs create less effective healing so they must be killed first, or mobs that while alive reduce damage done to enemy party until they are dealt with.
Could also make some new type of end game scenario where you have to dig and craft a perimeter before the waves spawn...like the temple wars only this is integrated with a Kitin invasion. Wall two was too slow so it must be repaired between waves, rewarding points again to homin. so foragaing and crafting along with combat. Again not pass/fail so you get less/more points and/or consequences for the next waves/rounds.
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