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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

Hi Bones, long time no see!

An excellent idea! I used to create my kitin invasion like this way back in the ryzom ring. Think of it like a tower defense game. The kitins start with a spawn of low level mobs. Once the last member of the group is killed the next higher level of mobs spawns. Once the last member is killed the next stronger spawns until eventually a Queen appears with some guards.

To make the waves / spawn groups less obvious a group of mixed level kitins could spawn at random intervals and if a timed spawn and a random spawn happen at the same time... challenge accepted! ;)

I dislike the all or nothing concept with game over aswell. I would think of an invasion more like a capture the flag game. If all kitins of a wave / group are killed homins get a point. If the kitins can't be killed after XYZ minutes, kitins get a point. If the final boss is killed add 5 points.

Rewards could be handed out similar to the atysmas calendar from an NPC depending on the number of rounds won by the player / total points earned.

This should happen in an instance / separate area though, maybe like the Dante boss scenario.

Just some ideas, I think most of the functionality is out there - we just need a fresh take on the existing tasks.

And again in pseudo code terms:

onGroupDefeat() {
if (Group.time_alive < time_limit) score_homin++;
if (kitin_level < max_kitin_level) spawnKitinGroup(kitin_level); else spawnQueen();

onTimer() {
spawnKitinGroup(random(1, 5)); // assume those are difficulty tiers

onQueenDefeat() {
spawnNPC(rewardGiver, score_homin);



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