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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

I'd really like to see "dailies", short and simple quests that you have to do daily -- but vary the mission according to the player's best offensive level (fight/ele magic).

we already have this kind of missions, we have crafting missions from Master Overseer for masters and Overseer for homins who hasn't mastered any crafting skill, tho it's really not a 'dailies' because you can do some of them if 6 hours have passed, same with the bandit missions, there are regions that can only be done with a master in one of the combat skills or a team of mid level homins

Also, make use of gamification theory, give a bigger reward for doing 7 dailies without skipping a day etc.

Is this like the attendance thing back in the atysmas patch? but with missions? Yes I kinda like the idea of this, more activities to be done by f2p players/sub players

Special apartments would be nice as a sort of sage mission for master players :D

I think they'll all be added in the wheel, to make dappers more valuable.


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