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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

I would suggest:
- rise transportation prices 10-100x, bring back REAL danger of traveling pathways, more pathways would be great but I don't mind to run
- reduce amount of available materials per time, especially choice+
- disable generic raw materials
- disable OCC events
- generally reduce amount of rewards
- make interactions really based on fame (tribe patrols / HP attacking for bad fame) including rangers to loose fame for attacking other homins
- faction for mercenaries so we can get rid of those in ranger faction
- extend API to cover newly added stuff
- stop bending the game for lazy homins like moving pathway entries for lazy runners, respawn points on pathways *Del*
- remove gain of fame by seling products to New Horizons (thanks Laoviel :P)

Please be respectful, this kind of talk has no place

@Bitttymacod, I would welcome more pathways, especially since I do not use HP services at all (except Almati where is no other options and Silan in case I need to get there to help in reasonable time)
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