What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

I don't remember what the /a showonline syntax is (about yourself showing on line -- you're never going to be able to override other people's settings), but you should be able to set up a macro to execute your preference(s). Not quite as easy, but almost.
There is no feedback yet. I will try to add a short confirmation message in sysinfo for next patch

It's only to make things finished.

Are you asking for Ranger Pathways to low-level areas? That makes no sense. Why would the Rangers go to the effort of maintaining them, when the pacts are available at reasonable prices?

So i've to ask, how rangers are likely one of the four players factions, when playing a ranger does'nt feel like playing a faction? Maintaining low level pathways would be the price of playing a faction in a very special way. But it could define a faction playing.

So we're asked about: What would you like to see this year … ? Well, i'd like to see this. And i don't see, that this is the place to discuss about sense nor nonsense of that, what we like to see. IMHO is more content and practical content and up-to-date-content the better way, to bind and find players for ryzom. And IMHO this kind of new content could base on finishing things in a very sensefull way.

So i did'nt understood, to find things here for a decision. Maybe this is only a kind of brainstorming.
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