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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

1 Anything new
2 Light armor hat
3 Medium armor open helmet (half helm) (Gidget credit of course)
4 Gas mask and or, reduce gas damage stanza
5 Something "pick up and play" besides digging
6 Lots and Lots of choice mats from mobs, not just a handful of mostly useless ones
7 Mob tracking stanzas
8 Woodcutting
9 Buff missions that aren't crafting missions (significantly increase reward for recon etc).
10 Anything new
11 Potion making!!
12 Kitin repellent
13 Fireworks making
14 Less reliance on events or, if reliance continues, more story/gameplay consequences for events
15 (someone RP giving the rangers in almati some amps okay?)
16 Kitin tokens obtainable always from killing any kitin and/or:
17 KotD that are more accessible to be killed (and not just super rare event only) and reasonably strong but not overpowered
18 Anything new
19 Fix merchants:
20 extend timer from 7 days to something more significant, 14? 30? increase dappers needed to hold the spot or some fair tradeoff (FAIR)
21 buff merchant buying amount
22 reduce cost of mats from merchant it's just silly
23 just delete everything else in other merchants (armor, weapons) or buff them significantly
24 Buy and Sell orders (sorry I know this is likely technically difficult, ignore this in this case) (see #20)
25 Anything new
26 Shiftclick function, if you hold shift and click on something in your bag, it will transfer to your open mount window (if only one window is separated)
27 Remove map marker limit
28 Allow typing keys to select map marker names (B for Bark)
29 Excellent gen mats with nation points (perhaps if 100 fame with the race?)
30 (They don't have to go all the way to 250q)
31 Buying potions with nation points
32 Test server that has new content that's in development but gets wiped regularly
33 For the love of moss please move zora new horizons to the front of the town (the south of the town map)
34 Replace "mission mat" missions with mats that we can actually track without bmsite (and anyone who says you can do it without bmsite is legit a masochist)
35 Mute people who say "self digging pick" when ideas are presented logically reasonably and with openness for tradeoff theory

I will post more
You can't stop me :P

PS some of these ideas are already on idea forum I'm not trying to "steal" anyone's idea but I've had many of the same anyway :)


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