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Sage Missions

I disagree with those who say the rewards from sage missions are good for f2p. By the time I was done with the igaras for the fyros sage, I was already pushing level 120-125 in melee, able to use q150 weapons. And the reward is a ... q120 rifle (or q130) ? Bah.

Even if the player would never subscribe, at some point they will participate in enough hunts to obtain q150 items made with outpost materials + supremes, outclassing the equivalent sage items *again*.

But if you do subscribe and you do continue leveling, these items end up invariably in the discard pile. At some point in another guild, I had several sets of the sage HA, donated by guildmates who no longer had a use for them.

So .. at the very least, the level of the item rewards should be bumped to q150, to extend their viability.


Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers
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