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Sage Missions

NPC armors... no thanks. be realistic please :)
LA generic plan maybe? :P

To answer also, the choice F2P isn't a friendly option because WG love you.
It mean to test the game, enjoy it and then you choose to support it ( or not ).
But if you do in exchange the game give you access to "theoricaly" more content.

So there is clearly nothing wrong to give missions allowed to subscribed account only ( or end game content users ).

High level missions, can also be available to low level players, but they will need a party to do it.

Nothing wrong with this too, since Ryzom on Silan push you to play in party, and not by yourself.
Wich is certainly avoided in mainland, because no content for high levels players, you can basicaly do everything by yourself.
That another subject.

For me its a yes, if its well writted :)

Would be very nice to see solo missions for high level players and mid players, also party missions for everyone ( including F2P ).

Because well actualy, almost all nations quests that exist in Ryzom can be done in F2P.
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