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Sage Missions


[ ] Yes! I love this Idea!
[ ] No, I am a stick in the mud and want no changes to Ryzom!

It should be avoided to use suggestive or judgemental wording in a questionnaire. The goal should be a map of current player opinions to base a decision upon or for any other reasons.

A correction could look like this:

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

If you want a more detailed feedback one could add weighting from let's say 1 (I don't care) to 5 (super important) to each question. This way one could for example say "Yes I want changes, but it is not important to me" ... because I never play these missions or whatever.

Sorry for the rant, I used to earn my money with this stuff.

I personally would love to see more content for all player ranges, late game content should be as important as beginner content. Over time all players eventually land at the late / end game.



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