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Ryzom Forge meeting report - December 3rd, 2018

The Public Roadmap

Tamarea - 20:39 UTC
It has been completely redone, still in the same place: go to the offside WebIG, and click on the "Roadmap" icon. Everything we are working on is in it, with the degree of progress. I let you look at and give me feedback, either here, or in response to the meeting report on the forum, or on RC.

OP refactoring

Ulukyn - 20:46 UTC
Quick for the moment because as you can see, we have set up a poll to find out what changes might be of interest to the majority. It appears that for the modification of the price of attacks, it is very mixed. So, for the moment, we will do nothing, obviously, the modifications can come later, nothing is fixed. For the rest, the vast majority agree with the proposals. For questions about how each element will be implemented, the team will think about it and will share the proposals with you. We will take into account the comments that have been given and that may be added in the coming days.

Q : Where is the poll?
A :

Guild Islands

Ulukyn - 20:55 UTC
The islands are being tested. I would like to quickly remind you of the principle: The guild leader will be able to choose from 5 islands in all ecosystems. There are no restrictions in the ecosystem of its choice except that each continent gives access only to one ecosystem. Thus a fyros guild could very well have a guild island in the lakes, but access to the island will be close to FH. Once the island is chosen, the leader can go there and appears on an island, the guild window will offer a new tab allowing the chef to choose the entrance for his guild members but also the entrance for visitors. The interface will also allow you to add scenery via the scenographic editor and a special guild bag will appear. The special guild bag will allow you to populate creatures, service pnjs, buildings, etc... It will be possible to win or get new elements to populate.

Q : You were talking about a Fyros guild what own an Island with Lakes eco, what about if you choose PR one? Since there is not capital in PR?
A : Ultimately for the Rewards ecosystem it will be in the Nexus near the capital Marauder. But for the moment, on an exceptional basis, access will be outside the marauding camp. Ryzom being dynamic, it is not impossible that other accesses may be discovered later;)

Q : Will Guild Points be useful for Guild Islands?
A : We are still in the process of improving the Guild Points, in order to have more activities that give them. So yes, the goal is that the guild points are used in the guild islands to buy decorations, for example, or a yubo farm or a statue of Ulukyn (although... I can maybe offer it as a gift to all the homines... :p)

Q : Will be possible to increase the guild inventory capacity with the Guild Island?
A : Haha, not bad question:) We are thinking of making specialized warehouse buildings. Like a mps warehouse, an armory etc... buildings that would make it possible to increase storage. We don't know exactly how GH extensions will work yet. It is difficult to say if it will be possible to make cupboards to store the heavy boosts.

Q : Kaissia won a Supreme Token at the wheel. Will this give special thing for Guild Island?
A : The supreme tokens give the best rewards of the previous Jena's year. But for now, nothing to add at the island level, but it will come.

Q : Boss to fight in Guild Island?
A : For the bosses to fight in the guild islands it came a little by chance by testing. We made a boss out of pop and we thought it might be nice to make bosses win to do pop on his islands. It's quite simple, at the wheel or in another event, a player wins a special item. The latter will then be able to gather the guild and make it pop on his island. Bosses to be made in guild can then either serve as training or presentation to new players since they will not give mps (but xp). It's mostly like the old Ring, I remember lot of maps have animal bosses, nice to discover some of them, killing NPC is not planned.

The Jena Year Patch

Ulukyn - 21:44 UTC
As announced we have decided to make a patch every new year of Jena. That is, every two and a half months or so. As you all know, Jean's New Year's Eve has already passed and... there was no patch. We're going to be honest, anlor + atysmas + jena patch it was a lot of work in a row. So the patch is still planned, but... we'll do our best to get some pretty good patches. Some of the additions could be done at the same time as the Atysmas patch and the rest just after. In the content of the Jena Year patch there are new plushes, new hairstyles, a new zig, Xl tokens and gift outfits, among others. A new boss, the guilds islands and boss to fight in the guilds islands. As well as expected changes such as patching Ranger gameplay.

Other questions

Q : Is it possible to remove TP from the inventory bag and to put it on an icon like for cats? An example, for Kamists a stone to sychronize with Kamis and for Karas a modified unit? (21:20 UTC)
A : For the moment, nothing is planned. But it's true that the long list of TPs in the bag is quite difficult. I sometimes have devs ryzomcore who want to help, that would make a nice addition. Without modifying the whole system but having for example a tp booklet and a sorting of tps with the names of the regions would probably be more fun. I can't answer for the team:) So for the ideas there is the forum and it allows not to take too much time in meetings: p

Q : What is Zig? (21:58 UTC)
A : These are small pets that follow you like mektoubs and can be won at the Fortunate Gubani wheel (although they are rare)
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