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I understand all the points raised so far; but i politely disagree with some specific parts my co-posters focused on; and some specific parts of what was said on the meeting by other players.

I think a few things need to be said that people tend to forget; and offer some insight on the actual situation with the outposts (and I call anyone who believes I am lying or I am miscostruing the situation to challenge me). Having been a Leader of a Kami guild for a couple of years; I very well know exactly how the Kami faction works.

First of all and my fundamental point:

MMORPGS are 24/7 online games; aren't they?

Therefore i do not understand why we should let people always choose whatever time that suits them to defend their Outposts. What has happened to the element of surprise; to the simple fact that in online games, wars happen and that they are inevitable; and in addition; are meant to make the other faction or opposition, struggle?

With Phase 2; this can never happen; has never happened. That's a fact.

Asharan and others in meeting; raised the very unfortunate argument that attacks at 04;00 FR are hard to defend. That is not the case at all. It would be a good argument; had the opposing factions the numbers to actually challenge the outposts at any given time.

As someone who declares at this time; and mind you i also live in EU and hence it's not a good time neither for me; nor my guildies; or my friends; but it's the only time that actually gives us at least some percentage of a chance to get something to Phase 2; (yes dear friends a percentage of a chance we get and nothing more) this is by and large an excuse many people use to prevent this change in how OPs work.

Any CSR/GM can actually check the numbers and vouch for what i say:

In the last one month I have declared ten + ops; about half of them at 02;00 FR or later; and of all those OPs at those times; aside from one; either my guild took under its control or went to Phase 2. (Excluding yesterday and Excluding the one an inactive guild held and the attack wasnt even discovered...No comment there).

IN ALL but one OP Fight (the q 50 desert at 04;00 FR); Kamis were double the size of my team. (Sure some times we were 6 people; but we have been 9 as well) and all of that for q 100 OPs. Therefore even at 04;00 FR the faction that complains about these changes; the kami faction; can produce at least fifteen homins to fight for them.

But you see even for q 100 op; at any given time the Kami Faction can bring forth two teams; and the whole marauder factions isn't two teams in total.

Therefore it's not that you cannot defend the outpost; it is that; u cannot (usually) not go into Phase 2. And this has happened over and over:

We declare at 04;00 FR; we get th +1 because we cannot get more; since we are just a team and we are faced vs 2 teams + harder NPCs; you wipe us; then you are like: We gonna get back at Phase 2.

And that's the gist of the issue here:

Some people want to continue to monopolize the OPs; because the thinking is as follows:

Let them get Phase One: with as low a TH as possible; we gonna move phase 2 to 22;00 FR; then bring 25 people; and win op.

And this is exactly what is happening.

And the situation needs to change because:

Exhibit A). I do not understand why anyone feels entitled to the outposts; especially since a batlle already took place and they lost phase one; this is a game of give and take; of chance; you lose some you win some; think of it as being in bed and losing madakoo; so what; should we make bosses spawn at times we are all active and online as well?

Also; at our recent siege at WoM oupost; we used some very cool game mechanics to manage (a team of six) to get th 5 (enough for phase 2) vs fifteen people.

With Phase 2 always ever-present; there would be no reason for us to even bother to use some game mechanics; think; organize; or structure new ways of attacking; since well: let's do Phase at 22;00 FR; bring the whole faction and kill them.

Exhibit B) Let's all realize that many one member guilds have outposts. And we are not talking about q 50 ops which would be okay; but q 200 even q 250.

Therefore whatever the time; they cannot defend them on their own. Therefore they actually want to find the convenient for them time; to gather everyone to defend the one person's guild outposts. And this situation continues to happen every day.

Exhibit C) What Asharan's guild has done; La lune Eternale. They created an Alt Guild; called Les Guerries D' Atys; when people started complaining that La lune Eternalle monopolizes the outposts within the faction..Then they let Audeva's alt called Yuki be leader of this new guild.(Kami World Order problems I know: Hey how many outposts does this guild have...7..Ah we only have 3 let's get more from them) (The Dev, the csr teams; the gms can check Kami Meeting logs because I was still a member of the faction and I know exactly how it happened; to verify my saying). Then they moved some members of La Lune into that guild, and called it a new guild, they got 5 Outposts, and they are happy.

On atys we have a guild that has eleven outposts; and cannot even produce a full team most often than not. And they are allowed to keep them; simply because of phase 2.

Now Imagine you are a new player; and come to atys; and read this...Wouldn't you be "What am i reading?"....Why bother go into another faction? Why even bother?

Exhibit D) At least 2 kami guilds that have outposts right now; are inactive; or have one active member at best. They log in; check if their op is under attack; then log out. T

In addition: the other members of the faction are very well aware of this fact; so they go check for them if the outposts are under attack; and already take notes when to to defend for phase 2.

Exhibit E) For an mmorpg that has 4 factions; don't you think it's at least slightly offensive to have those other 3 factions just scrapping by; and fundamentally destroy their RP by forcing them; due to the way I described of how the last faction works; to merge together to get ONE op?

I think the evidence here is telling of the situation; I could even bear to mention a million other things; and will do if asked or provoked.

But well; where does it stop?

I for once; welcome the changes and the abolishment of Phase 2. For anyone saying that she/he will quit; be my guest; this is a planet made for everyone not for those that think they are entitled to the Outposts by virtue of being Kamists; and that take every inch of advantage they can have and use it in their favor. Saying I quit is not constructive at all; and if anything highlights exactly my original point:

You cannot be satisfied with 95% of the cake; you MUST have it all; because you think you are entitled to the cake.

If anything; me; my guild; my friends; that are silly enough to dig; stay awake; go to our jobs without sleep; dont meet our loved ones; because we elected to get the decimal percentage of a chance at the Outpost at 04;00 FR or whatever the time; are the ones who should be thinking of quiting; because it us who are running the fool's errand. And yet; we are still here; fighting; and fundamentally not threatening to quit but being constructive instead in the hopes that the dynamics in our rootball will shift.


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