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Linking Items on chat

The Idea: Having the ability to Link items in the Chat


1. Trading - If players want to sell/trade their crafted items for other goods instead of just dappers, for example, someone crafted a good amp that has 97% to most of the stats, but he doesn't want to sell for just dappers, maybe he wants to trade it for another item that he doesn't have, or specific Mats.

2. Easy way to show others your item - what would you do if someone asked for the stats of your items? you would trade and then put the item on the trade window, if you have the item equipped, you'll have to unequip it and then put it on the trade window.

There's a many more convenience this feature can do, but these two are the ones that pop out of my head instantly.

If Ryzom does have a similar feature that doesn't involve the inconvenient way of doing it that I just mentioned above, or if someone already suggested it, Please do say so.



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