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A modest proposal

Just a couple of observations, feel free to ignore :)
Named, Bosses, and their guards, to have their resistances and hp buffed in Wastelands by 30%
End level game being so easy that even two moderately skillful players can kill lv270 bosses

And yet, I have seen several times in the past few months bosses sitting and waiting for someone to kill them, because people couldn't be bothered to undertake the trek to them. Yes, Jukoo and others in Wastelands. If you wish to widen the gap between the few people like you (that can be bothered to learn *exactly* how to do it with a small team), and the rest of the player base ... this is an excellent idea. Otherwise, not so much.
Inconistancy between game mechanic and rp for TPs giving protection to other factions

I always understood this to be a deliberate mechanic. It stems from the fact that, after all, both "powers" seem to harness the same mechanics that are underpinning the world; maybe in slightly different ways.

A neutral homin in a coma, rezzing as a spawn point, suffers the same consequences as one that is aligned with any of the factions (death penalty, low stats). The invulnerability power-up will work the same regardless of your faction. All "super-natural" things in the game end up working more or less the same for all folks.

In a roleplay sense, I would say that altars and zinuakeens are all linked to a homin's seed of life. Maybe the kamis couldn't, even if they wanted to, stop their altars from protecting homins of an opposing faction, since they all have this seed in their body.


Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers
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