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A modest proposal

@ Bitty and Karu

1) The inconistancy of PvP/SN being in a low level area and the constant crying and name calling since merge about this.
2) Inconistancy between game mechanic and rp for TPs giving protection to other factions.
3) End level game being so easy that even two moderately skillful players can kill lv270 bosses.  There is no challenge in PR for older toons: digging and hunting are easy.  Yes it would make it harder for newer players, but that does not mean that it is bad thing in itself.  Players learn!
4) Oversupply of sups.  Yes Karu's idea would limit them, but which idea is more fun? That was rhetorical as we already know your anwer: killed by mob is ok, but killed by homins... dead is dead. 

If I play again I will be tagged, not to attack other players but as a challenge: make my game experience more fun: harder.  But that is me.  Saying that having Umbra not Wastelands as PvP area makes no sense now.


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