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Killing Diggers in Prime Roots

It is not fully consensual, in my opinion, if certain regions that one would normally go in quest of the improvement of their skills are declared to be inherently PvP. That is a matter for the game designers, however, not debate here.

Well it is consensual, when you enter a dangerous zone where combat is possible, you accept the fact that you can be attacked, RP or not.
And im sad to read even somes GMs think differently ( most of the time the american/uk GMs ), so guess its a matter of culture, or alliance ?

When you start the game there a button, I accept the terms.
It is same when you enter a PvP zone, without the button obviously, for a gameplay smoothness matter, you are allowed to play there but beware you can be attacked.. or abstain you are free to step back.
This is, consensuality.

( It is the same as accepting a Duel with an opponent or a friend )

However, the PvP lately ( a year? maybe more? ) start to feel like a MOBA game, mean that there is no RP or any scenario that start a combat or terminate it.
It is fight just to fight, for the action; without building RP or history behind.
Maybe because Ryzom is missing PvP actions, so people that like to play Player versus Player do not have the patience anymore and just want some fun; compared to others time on server ( Aniro? )

The dying of RP and the direction of the game that value OOC more than RP, could be the reason too, something to dig here once again.
If I recally correctly, however, the sparking instance for this thread was an attack on a digger on the surface, near the capital taking advantage of the cooldown time for PvP. Notwithstanding that the cooldown time is built into the gameplay, that strikes me as contrary to the intent of "consensual PvP."

Hum.. not really, you are confusing thread right now, i invite you to re-read the Zatarga post.
Taking advantage of the cooldown PvP in surface is another subject, and its a matter of gameplay.
Most of the people that complain about it, they just dont know how to read information that the game send you ( the red message saying that you are still attackable for 120s ).


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