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A modest proposal

* hear the drama what will income *


I would say.. Y.E.S

Such a good idea to put a bit of challenge. Even more with years, people are getting more and more levels.

There is plenty of diggers , give em' challenge ! Not just dig what you want easy.

Taking an example: Oh, i need some sup mats, don't get much! Let's go PR, and... just... dig... Since SN are like safe as hell.. People don't even go on Tradi spots for most. And some don't like SN and only go on Tradi but like 5% do it.

But, yeah, getting all those change in one patch is maybe a bit rude.

Doing it on like 2 patches would be cool to let people be used for it. Otherwise, Primes will just be a place not much people will go..

And... For Example, ToT ( Fosses aux Epreuves ) is PvP, but, there is no SN :P

But yeah, it can be cool to get more challenge about dig mats and even q270 PR Bosses.
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