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A modest proposal

  • SN is removed from Lands of Umbra to Wastelands.
  • The PvP status of the Lands of Umbra removed. It makes little sense having these low level areas as PvP areas and has led to nothing but pointless arguments about rp style since the merge. There is no reason for keeping this a PvP area if we remove SN.
  • SN is now in Wastelands. Wastelands changed to PvP area. Sups would pop at normal mat locations, but some mats spots to be changed so that more desired mats pop at harder locations to dig, i.e., mats at spots near TPs changed to less desirable ones. 
  • TPs in Wastelands only provide protection to aligned toons.
  • KP range increased and routes changed so there are no safe areas.
  • Amount of Sups nerfed by making it harder to dig them, i.e., more wastage. Make sups rare again!
  • To achieve this, all mobs in wastelands to get a 25% resistance buff and 10% increase to aggro range.
  • New types of patrols to be introduced to make digging/bosses harder. Killing a KP will spawn a new one picked at random from a KP pool of Kipee, Kincher, Kiro, etc How about a Vorax one? 
  • Named, Bosses, and their guards, to have their resistances and hp buffed in Wastelands by 30%
  • Let the crying begin :)


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