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Killing Diggers in Prime Roots

RL has international treaties such as the Geneva Convention banning the targeting of civilians just as most civilizations have long had laws against wanton murder, and maybe it's time Ryzom did the same.

The Geneva Convention has not eyes everywhere, and Lands of Umbra (+ the Nexus) were the only war areas of the game. Do you think civilians are not targeted in Syria ..? Sad comparison, I know. I do not want to shock anyone, but it's the reality of Atys. And i would talk as well about the Matis Army which had eradicated Monos following orders of Jinovitch, the slavery of Trykers, the tyranny of the Karavan, the Kamis which eat homins, the tribes which sell drugs, and the carnages orchestrated by the kitins. Logically, all Atys, except cities, would be dangerous areas. And it's not the case.

That said, i love the idea of Atys Convention, formalized by Event Team and carried by players ! A RP policy entity, whose duty is to protect the homin kind ! But ... wait. It already exist, no ? This is not the job of the Rangers ?

For some homins, marauders are terrorists. So be the Blue Helmets, or even better, the kind American Army ! Yes, you can ! Be the heroes of your world ! If the project is set up and the RP is good, I would be interested to play with you.


Auparavant Ki'gan, dit le Dévoreur d'Espoir. Aujourd'hui, sous couvert de troubles dissociatifs de la personnalité, il se fait appeler Vao, et dit avoir rompu avec son passé terroriste. Mais qui croire ? Le monstre ou le fou ?

Previously Ki'gan, the Devourer of Hope. Today, under the guise of dissociative personality disorders, he calls himself Vao, and says he has broken with his terrorist past. But who should we believe? The monster or the madman?
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