Killing Diggers in Prime Roots

Hello Atys, there is something that has been bothering me over the past 2 weeks and I now have finally been able to sit down and write it. I am certain that what I am about to say will draw some ire from toons but I have never cared what others think of me anyway so too bad (some toons may even focus on this single line because their brains are too narrow).

There are a few toons who have told me just as an FYI not complaining (one of the toons I was helping about 3 weeks ago because I needed some choice fiber and she knew the location), that they were digging in PR regions and that others thought it was a good idea to just kill them, “just because” attitude. Now, the 2 factions that these toons are in (Kami and Marauder) and the factions that killed them (Kami and Ranger), if you feel that being a lvl 250 killing a lvl 35 yubo from Yrk is your idea of being tough and power, then Atys is in trouble. Toons who are digging, you know well are in gear that is designed for digging and not defense. Now, some of you are going to whine and criticize me, telling me that the game mechanics allow for such BS behavior but if you honestly want a “real challenge” then duel toons who are equipped for that task (there is on a daily basis, toons asking in uni if anyone wants to PVP), not one who is digging just for simple choice/excellent mats (yes, not even during SN time).

I know that I am going to sound like the old “get off my lawn” guy, but back on the old English server before the merger, we had a few unwritten rules and one of them was never kill a digger, either by direct attack or argo-drag and rarely did we even attack during SN dig-time. I am certain that it may have happened (I do not know everything that happened or happens) but extremely rare and we spoke about issues of bad behavior. I cannot go back to the past, as much as I would like, but the current life-cycle of Atys is scattered and weakened by insanely crazy toons taking RP way to serious. It is after all “just a game” and if your lives are so meaningless in the RL that you have to try and be a “macho-man” in a game, then I truly feel sorry for your existence.

This is just my 2-cents….

Later, Zatarga

PS, I have said my peace, so if anyone actually comments, I will not be following my own post (I see no purpose in doing so).
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