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Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities

Excuse me, who are you, again?

I guess YOU misreading.

Talking about the meta RP and the kill on Rowdy is separate things... But, it seems you don't want to get it, so....

Just to remind you ( yeah, who know, maybe read it one more time will make you get it, if not, it's maybe due to a low IQ.... )

I did used /die emote to Rowdy when i was on FH and he came back to baby roots.

So... basically... It was used to prevent him he was gonna die ( oh, so, RP... Ewww, - 1 argument )

And, maybe.. you know that the baby root flag have a short duration, so, no time to read a book to tell him that i'm gonna kill him ( ewww -2 ? )

But well, i guess you're one of those who think Atysmas, Easter etc are RP Event...

So, do me a favor, instead of being idiot and talk about stuff you don't even know, close your mouth, it would save our both time.
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