Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities

@Rowdyclaws: Considering that Revvy also insta-gibbed my alt just for giggles ... I think that's just the peak of their performance. Especially since they have a highly trained Northstar, who will follow the resulting drama doggedly, just to spout "We're within our rights, noob". I saw it then, you see it here.

By the way, whoever linked to Wirroy's post ... it was literally about NOT being murder hobos (rogue killers). Literally, he was proposing "talk first, shoot later", that was his most basic message, repeated several times. Congratulations on either misreading it / intently misrepresenting it to suit your purpose. Can you infer the adjectives for either of these "achievements"?

Anyway, to stop the rambling ... these fine folks make me think back fondly to the Seve Noire that existed 3-4 years ago. At least they tried a script about "owning the prime roots" which led into an extortion roleplay scene, before they engaged in fights in Land of Umbra.

But maybe that's a tall order nowadays.


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